You Only Live Once

The importance of Motivation, Attitude, Self-Discipline and Time to be successful in life 


This inspirational workshop powerfully demonstrates to students the importance of motivation, attitude, focus and time-management to be successful in education and life. It utilises interactive activities and multimedia in an innovative and impactful way to give students examples of successful people as well as motivate and challenge them to take responsibility for their attitude, actions and important qualities like punctuality and self-discipline to achieve the futures they desire. This workshop is particularly beneficial to students that are slipping behind or lack motivation and focus. The workshop covers:


  • The importance of motivation to be successful

  • Tips on how to maintain motivation through difficulties 

  • Fun and impactful interactive activities that challenge attitude, perseverance and proactivity

  • Emphasises the importance of self-discipline, time-management and punctuality

  • Inspiring examples of successful people and how they attained and maintained success