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Workshop Testimonies

we have delivered to over 10,000 students in over 300 schools

We receive outstanding feedback from both the participants and teachers engaged. Over 85% of students say that our workshops were fun and enhanced their personal skills, knowledge and confidence.

Over 95% of teachers surveyed said they found our workshops effective and would invite us in to deliver again, and over 70% of already have! 

"I loved it! It was well delivered, well organised & engaging! I had a great time & it was a welcome change to a normal day."  


Workshop attendee - V2V Youth Service, London


“Very well planned and organised. It was fun & didn’t seem too long at all. It was engaging throughout.”

Ramu Patel - IAG Personal Advisor, the Skills and Development Agency (S&DA)

“What worked well was having a relevant role model turn up & speak to the students."

Teacher - Harris Academy Merton




Maria Phillips-Taylor – the Skills and Development Agency (S&DA)

"I learned not to waste my life & keep learning."

Student - the North West London Jewish Day school

"Very inspiring, well managed & paced workshop."

Meara Michulska - Teacher, Harris Academy Merton

“The workshop gave me ideas for how my attitude should be throughout my life.” 


Student - John Paul II High School

 "I think it was fantastic! The Facilitators are very engaging and fun! They make you want to participate."


Priscilla - V2V Youth Service, London

"A Pleasure!"

Hannah Fox – Teacher, Swanlea High School






"I think it was a really useful session, and the pupils now feel they can express themselves more positively. They took away from the class both knowledge and enthusiasm about effective communication. It was a fascinating session - really excellent! Thanks."


Dr. Yvonne Robinson - Southbank University Researcher

"The session encouraged me to be myself."

Students - Islington Arts and Media School


“It was excellent! It was an enjoyable, informative fun session for our students and I was happy with the programme overall.”

Michelle Pritchard – Teacher, Swanlea High School


“It was fantastic and well pitched. Very impressive!"

Sharan Sanghara - Head of 6th Form, John Roan School

"The Facilitators could relate to the students. You could really see the students engaged"


Teacher - North West London Jewish Day school


"Top notch enjoyment learning!"


Mr Maguid - Harris Academy

"It was fun & they engaged with us!"


Students - Wimbledon College

 "The Poetically Speaking workshop was very practical, engaging and relevant."


Moses Sempa - V2V Youth Leader, London

“Good pace, great content!”


Vicky Walsh – Year 6 Teacher, St Immanuel & Andrew Primary School






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