SAY has an innovative and impactful programme called the 'SAY Reading Challenge', which promotes to students the power and importance of literacy, reading and effective communication to be successful in life.

This scheme promotes reading in an engaging and fresh way, as we deliver interactive workshops with your students about the importance of literacy and communication to be successful, and we invite an up-and-coming music artist to come in to perform and talk about how reading and literacy have been important in their life. It also provides a fun platform for your students to actively get involved in fundraising for their school, which can result in the 'Challenge' effectively being free and money being raised to buy resources for your school's English Department. 'The SAY Reading Challenge' is open to years 7 - 9 of secondary schools and years 3 - 6 of primary schools and is usually done with a whole year group.


The aims of the 'Challenge' are: 

  • To promote literacy, reading and effective communications through a sponsored read! 

  • To get students and the community actively involved in raising money for the school! 

  • To bring an up-and-coming music artist into the school to give an inspirational performance and demonstrate the power of words! 

  • To offer prizes and encourage students to improve their literacy using new forms of media! (e.g. Ebooks & online resources)       

The SAY Reading Challenge

Raise your students' literacy aspirations as well as funds for your school!