SAY has delivered to over 10,000 students in over 300 primaries, high schools, colleges, universities and youth organisations throughout London and have received outstanding feedback from both the participants and teachers engaged. Over 85% of students say that our workshops were fun and enhanced their personal skills, knowledge and confidence, and over 95% of teachers surveyed said they found our workshops effective and would invite us in to deliver again, over 70% of which already have! 


"I loved it! It was well delivered, well organised & engaging! I had a great time & it was a welcome change to a normal day."  

Workshop attendee

V2V Youth Service, London


“Very well planned and organised. It was fun & didn’t seem too long at all. It was engaging throughout.”

Ramu Patel - IAG Personal Advisor, the Skills and Development Agency (S&DA)

“What worked well was having a relevant role model turn up & speak to the students."
Teacher - Harris Academy Merton



Maria Phillips-Taylor – the Skills and Development Agency (S&DA)

"I learned not to waste my life & keep learning."
Student - the North West London Jewish Day school

"Very inspiring, well managed & paced workshop."
Meara Michulska - Teacher, Harris Academy Merton






“The workshop gave me ideas for how my attitude should be throughout my life.” 

Student from John Paul II High School

 "I think it was fantastic! The Facilitators are very engaging and fun! They make you want to participate."


V2V Youth Service, London

"A Pleasure!"

Hannah Fox – Teacher, Swanlea High School



"The session encouraged me to be myself."

"It taught me how to express myself."

Students from Islington Arts and Media School


“It was excellent! It was an enjoyable, informative fun session for our students and I was happy with the programme overall.”

Michelle Pritchard – Teacher, Swanlea High School


“It was fantastic and well pitched. Very impressive!"

Sharan Sanghara - Head of 6th Form, John Roan School

"The Facilitators could relate to the students. You could really see the students engaged"

Teacher - North West London Jewish Day school


"Top notch enjoyment learning!"

Mr Maguid - Harris Academy

"It was fun & they engaged with us!"

Students - Wimbledon College






 "The Poetically Speaking workshop was very practical, engaging and relevant."

Moses Sempa, V2V Youth Leader, London

“Good pace, great content!”

Vicky Walsh – Year 6 Teacher, St Immanuel & Andrew Primary School

"I think it was a really useful session, and the pupils now feel they can express themselves more positively. They took away from the class both knowledge and enthusiasm about effective communication. It was a fascinating session - really excellent! Thanks."

Dr. Yvonne Robinson,

Southbank University Researcher