Six reasons why people get fired! and tips to help you keep your dream job.

“You’re fired” are two words that nobody wants to hear! Although for some, getting the sack is through no fault of their own, for others, losing their job comes down to their own mistakes.

We’ve put together our top Six reasons why people get fired and tips to help you keep your dream job.

Poor performance

This one is quite simple. If you can’t do your job to the standard that is expected of you then it should come to no surprise that you might get fired. It’s important to put 110% into your work, especially in the first few months, to prove to your employer that you are the right person for the job. If you’re struggling with your workload, then speak to your manager straight away.

Bad time keeping/High absence rate

Keep in mind that most companies have a sick policy in place and if you are late/absent a certain number of times then your contract will be terminated. Remember, the company that you work for owns your working time and if you are constantly turning up late, or not turning up at all then they will probably replace you with someone that will! Always make sure you are following the sickness policy and are keeping your manager regularly updated. Don’t abuse it.

Negative attitude

Coming into work with a bad attitude shows your employer that you are not interested in being there. If you can’t get on with your colleagues and are constantly whining it causes a bad atmosphere and can quite easy spread across the workplace. This decreases staff moral and it’s more than likely that your manager will think that you are not the right fit.

It’s wise to stick to the saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

Bad mouthing your boss/company

Well it’s pretty obvious that if you get caught bad mouthing your manager then you’re in trouble. Where most people go wrong is when they assume that once they are out of their workplace then they can say what they like about their manager/company. Well, you’ll be surprised at how many people get fired just by comments made on their Facebook/Twitter accounts. Even if your account is private and you believe that you can trust everyone on your friends list, its best to stick to the saying that if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

Misuse of company property

It’s best to not use company property for your own personal use.

This can be anything from using the photocopier to make 50 party invitations or using the phone to have a chit chat with your friends. Stationary, printers, phones, laptops, even your

own business email belongs to your employer. Although some companies will allow you to use company property from time to time it’s always best to check with your manager beforehand as if you don’t it can lead to dismissal.

Drug/Alcohol abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse can lead to other issues that can prevent you from doing your job to the standard that is required. It’s obvious that taking drugs or drinking on the job is going to have an impact on your work but even coming to work with a regular hangover is going to slow you down and cause inconsistent work.

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