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Paula Smith

IAG Officer

IMG-20220327-WA0017 2.jpg

Paula has spent approximately 30 years in the CIAG (Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance) field. She trained at University of Southbank in 1990 and achieved the Diploma in Vocational Guidance and Counselling parts 1 & 2 (Level 7 qualification). She completed this professional course some years after her A-levels and having explored a number of career areas, including law, manufacturing and retail. In 2013 she completed a L6 Leading and Managing Careers Education Programmes course, again at the University of  Southbank. She has since been practising as a Careers Advisor in both management and practitioner roles in a wide range of educational settings. In 2020 with the challenges of the pandemic, she completed the Careers Enterprise Company’s Careers Leaders course.

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