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Innov8 2 Elev8

engineering principles to show students how to solve problems & achieve goals 


This workshop uses exciting interactive group activities and the principles of Engineering to teach young people about the importance of creative thinking and problem solving to be successful in life. Using the innovative K.O.O.L Model™ created by SAY, the workshop also aims to inspire young people to see that Engineering, or indeed any career or goal, is a viable and real aspiration that can be achieved if the available opportunities that surround us are utilised.

This workshop can be delivered as a 4 or 5 week extended programme and covers:


  • The importance of Creative Thinking and Problem Solving to be successful

  • Stimulating and interactive exercises that challenge young people to think creatively 

  • The importance of aspirations and effective Goal Setting techniques to achieve them 

  • Team work, organisational and planning skills

  • How to preserve a Positive attitude, proactiveness and determination through set-backs



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