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Guy Thwaites


social media & Administration


Guy is the newest member of our team at SAY and originally joined us as a Social Media Officer. He previously managed the social media accounts of the hairdressing salon he worked at, and has assisted several fashion campaigns on Instagram. Since joining SAY, Guy has also become responsible for administrative work and takes an active role in organising work experience for the young people who attend our Construkt programme. As the youngest member of our workforce, he brings a fresh and new perspective into the team.


While working remotely, Guy is currently travelling Southeast Asia on the hunt for new experiences and learning useful skills - including a second language. In his free time, he enjoys reading self-improvement and business development books and is passionate about reducing environmental impact and increasing sustainability for the planet. Guy prides himself on putting his open-mindedness and can-do attitude at the forefront of everything he does. No job is ever too big or too small!

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