Croydon 'Construkt' 2016



SAY, in conjunction with Lendlease, Laing O’Rouke and the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) delivered an exciting 8 day project in August 2016 for 16 – 24 year olds that had an interest in pursuing a career in engineering and construction. The programme involved:

  • Working with other young people to complete a real-life project where they had to manage a budget, people and resources

  • Working with the latest in digital technology including virtual reality glasses, 3D screens and intelligent computer models

  • Receiving professional presentations from industry experts

  • Building a large-scale structure the size of a bus!!!

  • Attending a networking event with apprentices, university students and professionals to develop their prospects in life

  • The opportunity to get work experience, apprenticeships or entry-level jobs with international renowned companies

This exciting initiative is a a practical project that gives the participants a real taste of working on an engineering project, as well as the opportunity to secure real work experience placements, apprenticeships and entry-level jobs within the engineering/construction industry with highly established companies that will be playing a big part in the regeneration of Croydon. Project management and construction company Lendlease, international engineering enterprise Laing O’Rourke and international consultancies Mott MacDonald & Arup are just some of the employers that were involved.

SAY recruited 17 enthusiastic young people from a range of backgrounds to take advantage of the great opportunity to take part in ‘Croydon Construkt’, as the construction industry is made up of a diverse range of professionals – project managers, quantity surveyors, accountants, solicitors, architects, software engineers, etc. We then organised work experience for the participants and helped them to progress into jobs and apprenticeships within the industry, for example apprenticeships with Laing O'Rourke and Mullaley's, a 1 year placement with Laing O'Rourke, and further education courses and degrees related to construction and engineering.

"We were thrilled with the outcome of Construkt Croydon! It was truly inspiring to see a group of young people who have never met, come together and work as a team to produce something to such a high standard. We want to continue to help as many young people enter the industry as we can."


Lendlease Community Liaison Manager, Construction

Please contact Paul Matthews ( or call 07828 471 646) to get more information about the programme.