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Black History Month

To celebrate Black History Month,

we offer unique BLACK HISTORY MONTH themed versions of our most popular workshops


Poetically Speaking, the Power of Black Communication examines the powerful influence of great black writers, orators and musicians on the black race and society in general.


We will travel from ancient Egypt to the modern day, looking at how black people have communicated with the world through gifted authors and figures such as Frederick Douglass and Malcolm X, to the current literary and political achievements of Barack Obama.


We review the development of black music and how it has influenced and changed world of music, fashion and politics. The session will be delivered using literature, poetry, role play, multimedia and music, and will teach young people the importance of effective communication and how it was utilised to aid the advancement of the black race.


We will show students 'how' to communicate more effectively, using our innovative 'P.O.E.T.R.Y Model', a technique that will immediately empower them with beneficial skills in communication to benefit their own lives.

Innov8 to Elev8, the Black Origins of Creative Thinking covers many of the invaluable contributions to society made by black inventors and scholars over the ages. Students will marvel at the advanced intelligence of the Egyptians and the creative process behind their empire.


Many will be surprised when they learn the number of today's vital inventions that were created by black people, such as the traffic light, the fastest computer processor in the world and the legendary super soaker! The session will be fun, interactive and will use our 'K.O.O.L' methodology to teach powerful creative thinking techniques that students can apply when seeking innovation from within!

You Only Live Once highlights the achievements of black civilisations & societies, and explores some of the achievements of black leaders and entrepreneurs. From analysing these achievements, students will also be taught principles, qualities and skills they need in order to be successful in life, as well as challenged to utilise and develop these using interactive activities! 


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