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Combat bullying physically,
verbally and virtually 

This engaging workshop encourages and shows students how important it is to treat others in a positive and respectful way, and highlights the negative impacts of bullying. It is delivered in a fun and interactive way utilising multimedia, group activities and kinaesthetic exercises. The workshop effectively demonstrates how to be a good friend, whilst addressing how hurtful spiteful actions can feel to others, then how this can turn into bullying, sometimes even unintentional. With the advent of social-media, we also address Cyber Bullying and the tragic outcomes that can come from this new but prevalent form of bullying.


This workshop is suitable for Years 3 - 6 in Primary schools, all years of Secondary schools as well as Colleges and Universities, and covers:


  • Fun interactive team exercises that get participants to work positively with others, even if not 'friends'

  • Encourages participants to treat people in a positive way and highlights the benefits of being positive

  • Emphasises the principle that you should treat others how you want to be treated

  • Highlights how easy it is to become a bully through negative actions, even unintentionally

  • Addresses 'Cyber Bullying' and emphasises how damaging this newly prevalent form of bullying can be

  • Demonstrates the impact of bullying on the victim and how it reflects badly on the character of the bully

  • Highlights what constructive steps can be taken if someone feels they are being bullied


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